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Greetings all!
My name is Claudiu Oprea, I am Romanian born and bred and have lived in London for over 18 years. I am currently travelling around South East Asia, living the permaculture dream, running workshops and retreats that explore the intersections between permaculture and other healing practices such as yoga and using food as medicine. With my workshops and in tandem with my own journey to healing, I am invested in exploring where our health comes from, especially in urban environments.

In the UK and Europe I facilitated courses and workshops for business organisations, set up arts projects and workshops in schools, mentored design students, as well as working as a compere within the alternative London cabaret scene. I am drawn to creating safe learning environments that enable our connection with nature as a teacher. My earliest experience of teaching Permaculture was being approached by a business group to run a course for an urban, sustainability-oriented community group. It focused on the social aspect of applying the wisdom found in nature to human ecosystems.

I am fascinated by biomimicry and artworks inspired by nature’s sacred design. Natural installations have been an ongoing interest of mine as they inspire an innate fascination with the spectacle of nature.

In 2012, I co-created Biomodd London, where technology (in the shape of e-waste) meets with plants to create hybrid living computers. Plants are inserted in and around the electronics. Through gaming, the stunning sculptures demonstrate the potential for a meaningful relationship between these seemingly opposing worlds. It now exists in the capital as an open source, experimental art project.

I curated and co-led a multidisciplinary team, and we presented a thought provoking installation at TEDx London City 2.0 in December 2013. It was an experiment on plant intelligence, communication and sentience. My goal with the project was to ensure that all the scientific data and knowledge was delivered in an engaging way, where a 5 year old and a 95 year old left feeling stimulated and having learned something new. With a six week deadline and no budget it was both a great success and one of the best days of my life!

Please visit my website for further details of my permaculture and arts projects.

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