PIRN Resources

The Research Handbook

The Permaculture Association's Research Handbook is aimed at those with some knowledge of permaculture but no research background who want to undertake a permaculture research project, whether as diploma apprentices, undergraduates, volunteers at our office, or just for fun.


The Research Digest

The Permaculture Research Digest provides summaries of newly published permaculture-related research. All items are
linked to the original publication.


The Knowledge Base

Find out about permaculture ethics, principles, design approaches and useful information on over 200 practical solutions!


Soil, Yields and Biodiversity Tests Project

The Permaculture Association is identifying and developing a number of simple tests which can be used by researchers and practitioners throughout the world. These include tests for measuring biodiversity, soil quality and cropping.


Top Ten Permaculture Books

There are lots of books about permaculture, from beginner's guides to in-depth manuals. But which one to choose and why so? This brief overview provides some details of the top 10 permaculture books, as voted for by Permaculture Association Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design apprentices.