Permaculture and climate change

This research group has formed around a specific project, 'Information for Action on Climate Change'. This project will create a body of online resources which present tried and tested permaculture solutions to climate change in a new and engaging way. These solutions will be clearly described, scientifically supported, practically focussed, and deliverable. Through accessing these resources, people will be inspired to take genuinely effective action on climate change that delivers mitigation, adaptation and sequestration. The project can be summed up in a single phrase: 'Permaculture offers numerous effective solutions to climate change, here they are, we can help you use them.'

The Information for Action on Climate Change project is an international collaboration between the International Permaculture Education Network, the Permaculture Climate Change Network, Central Queensland and Lisbon Universities, Schumacher Institute, PIRN and others. We are delighted to have secured a grant of £80,000 for this project from the VK Rasmussen Foundation and have now sarted work. You can read about our intial plans here, but we don't expect to have much online content to share before Spring 2018.