Convergence 2020 Crew Coordinator role

The Permaculture Association is looking for a crew coordinator for its National Permaculture Convergence being held at Hill End, Oxfordshire over September 11th-13th 2020. The event is run on a regular annual or bi-annual basis, often in different areas of the country.

The crew coordinator is a key role, helping us recruit and organise volunteer (unpaid) crew for the event, both in advance and onsite. You get to be part of the core team for the Convergence, help support the Association’s mission and hopefully have lots of fun and useful learning opportunities along the way!


  • Strong organisational and spreadsheet skills
  • Able to work in a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Smartphone with WhatsApp capability
  • Confident in managing large numbers of volunteers with mixed experience

In general

  • You must work on shared google documents
  • It would be good to attend occasional working group meetings
  • Be required to be on site from Wednesday 9th September until Sunday 13th September
  • Be able to commit an hour a week initially, increasing to a few hours a week in the two months prior to the Convergence
  • You will need to help recruit around 50 volunteers for the event

In advance of the event

  • Agree a timetable for crew recruitment with Celia Ashman (Operations) & Dan Hurring (Events Coordinator)
  • Communicate with staff and senior crew team leaders about their crew needs to ensure you recruit the right people - this will feed into the crew briefing
  • How many crew does each area need and when are they needed to work (both arrive on site and during the event)
  • If any particular skills / qualifications are required
  • Review and amend volunteer sign-up form for recruiting volunteers with Celia & Dan
  • Update volunteer form when needed
  • Manage volunteer applications
  • Work with Celia to set up spreadsheets to manage volunteer applications and final crew lists
  • Work with us to reduce number of dropouts
  • Communicate with crew
  • Contact crew from previous years and ask them to fill in the new form if interested
  • Let applicants know their applications have been successful or not
  • Communicate the crew briefing, including how many hours are expected of them
  • Continue liaising with crew leading up to the event, including answering questions or directing them to relevant crew leaders / staff where appropriate
  • Schedule crew shifts and update when needed
  • Be really clear about when people are arriving - this is very important!
  • Provide accurate numbers of crew for meals from Wednesday to Sunday

At the event

  • In general, you will be based at the Event HQ area
  • However you are free to attend workshops when not needed! Once all crew have arrived (by end of Friday), hopefully the amount you have to do will be quite low, however it is important to stay available on Whatsapp in case an urgent situation arises.
  • Manage the pre-prepared crew rotas and adapt to changes
  • Assign tasks to volunteer participants
  • Help set up and look after crew tent
  • Organise crew meetings and brief all crew on arrival
  • Keep a record of who in the crew is onsite at all times
  • Attend staff and senior team briefings
  • Ensure crew are welcomed - ice-breakers, games and availability of refreshments
  • Provide clear information about their roles and emerging situations
  • Set up a crew Whatsapp group / be able to contact all crew
  • Report any issues to Event Coordinator and Event HQ area


  • £250 initially, to be reviewed 
  • All meals during the period of your stay onsite and camping or dorm space

If you're interested in this role, please email Dan at [email protected] for a further discussion.

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