Food Forest International Research Network update - November 2017

FFIRN was created at IPCUK in September 2015. After a period of inactivity over the summer of 2017, FFIRN is now reactivating.

Activities to date

  • Steering Group of 7 meets regularly online.

  • 70 people have joined FFIRN by completing the members survey.

  • £10,000 bid to research Indian home gardens submitted to Lush Spring prize, April 2017, shortlisted but unsuccessful.

  • The Temperate Forest Garden Baseline Survey collected 124 responses in 2014, now being analysed and written up.

  • The Worldwide Food Forest Survey has collected 125 responses so far, and is open for responses.

  • The Permaculture Research Digest was dedicated to forest gardens in October 2016, attracting 7,600 views, double any previous month 

  • Forest Gardening in Practice by FFIRN member Tomas Remiarz published

  • Forest Garden Archetypes by FFIRN member Candela Vargas published online

Next steps

  • Publish the Temperate Forest Garden Survey results in a journal.

  • Analyse The Worldwide Forest Garden Survey.

  • Identify a suitable online forum for members' discussions.

  • Submit more funding bids for FFIRN research.

  • Collect, publish and share research from FFIRN members.

  • Informal FFIRN meeting at IPC India.