Newly created website around ecovillage research by Iris Kunze & the GEN research working group

We invite you to visit a newly created website around ecovillage research:

With this website Iris Kunze & the GEN research working group firstly want to support ecovillages who are approached by researchers. Secondly the intent is to provide an overview of the state of the art  - for academics and ecovillages – on the so far scattered studies on ecovillages.

 The website informs you about:

-          news and events,

-          publications in the area of ecovillage research (bibliography)

-          the previous newsletters

-          you can sign in for the newsletter and can send your contributions for it

 A research guide for your research project is suggested:

-          how to approach and research ecovillages (for researchers and journalists)

-          a bibliography of the state of the art

-          links to platforms and likeminded research networks

-          ethical values for inclusive research

All this is the result of a voluntary work. The hope is for this website to provide a good platform and your contributions (e.g. for the website or the newsletter) and feedback are welcome.