Eight Future Directions for Permaculture International Research Network

We recently met with our funder (LUSH Cosmetics) to discuss PIRN. We agreed that PIRN is still developing and its final form is not yet clear. We identified eight possible future activities. All of these are currently under active development, but in the next year we may reduce down to the four or five that seem most viable.

  1. Autonomous sub groups focussed on different research topics

  2. A big project on a single topic with substantial external funding

  3. Useful online resources such as the Research Digest and Knowledge Base

  4. An international peer-reviewed research journal, online

  5. Closer links /collaborations with other allies and networks

  6. Face to face research meetings as part of Internationa Permaculture Convergence and regional convergences

  7. A monthly e-bulletin

  8. Online literature reviews of various topics, hyperlinked to the original sources

We would love your feedback on any of these ideas, in particular which you think are the most important, contacting [email protected]